• The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation appreciates and is pleased to be a title sponsor of the daily recreation report.  The daily recreation report is a constant reminder to listeners of the wonderful resources available to them in Utah's state parks and other outdoor recreational opportunities.


    As a family friendly state, we hope families will venture out to more state parks more often to create more memories.  Cowboy Ted in his recreational report provides this avenue where listeners can gain information and be reminded of the many opportunities that await them.  Utah State parks provides opportunities to hike, bike, boat, camp and view wildlife.  Additionally, there are cultural and heritage sites and opportunities for fun, educational adventures.


    We are pleased to offer our official support for your efforts in promoting family freindly outdoor recreational opportunities that include Utah State Parks.


    State of Utah - Department of Natural Resources
  • The Utah State Office of Education is pleased to support your efforts to promote healthy lifestyles, physical fitness, on-line physical education, and outdoor recreation opportunities in Utah. Childhood obesity levels, type II diabetes and the other health challenges for kids are at an all-time high in the United States and communities need to work together to reverse the trend.


    Your on-line resources on the www.cowboyted.com web site serve as a great tool for teachers and parents to provide additional opportunities for kids to stay healthy in Utah. The on-line physical education curriculum you have developed will benefit students, parents and teachers and will provide another easy-to-implement opportunity to include short and fun fitness activities into the daily lives of Utah’s children.


    The 52-Healthy Tips for Kids feature offers sound suggestions to help kids and parents adopt healthy lifestyles as they work together, and the Billy the Bull Healthy Choices on-line book series is an excellent resource to get kids reading about the importance of making healthy choices in their lives.


    Utah is a beautiful state rich in outdoor recreational opportunities. The Utah Family Recreation Guide you have developed provides a clear picture of the many sites available for families to pursue fun and fitness in Utah’s outdoors.


    The Utah State Office of Education is concerned about the health of Utah’s children and understands the challenges posed by poor nutrition and inactivity. Healthy habits must be developed early in life to ensure good health over the course of a lifetime.


    Thank you for your work in developing these meaningful resources. Families throughout the state will find them useful in helping kids to stay active and healthy and in planning vacation activities that offer both fun and fitness! Your slogan of Get Outside, Get Active, Get Healthy is sound advice for Utah’s families.


    I am pleased to offer my official support for your efforts in promoting healthy lifestyles and activities for children and families in Utah!


    Utah State Office of Education
  • We believe the values and principles "Cowboy Ted" uses in his television programming and educational vignettes are not just "Good4Utah", but they also have great value and efficacy for all Utah children and their families, regardless of how they are composed or established.


    We believe there is great value for all advertisers who care about positive family values and at the same time are concerned about the messages which children and their parents are receiving.


    We believe everyone will find great value in the programming and messages (including vignettes) "Cowboy Ted" has created, each of which support a diversity of children and families from all walks of life and regardless of preferences.


    ABC 4 Utah